Moringa Tea with Ginger
Moringa Tea with Ginger


Ginger is the perfect addition to our Moringa tea.
Morning, the tree of life, is an incredible healthy tea
with an impressive list of health benefits.

Ingredients: Moringa Leaf, Ginger Root

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Take advantage of all the health benefits of ginger including anti-inflammatory action, lower blood sugars and reduced cholesterol plus improved brain function.
Sometimes called the miracle tree, Moringa is truly an amazing plant. Considered a super food, Moringa has twice as much calcium and protein as milk. It’s loaded with beneficial nutrients including vitamin A, and vitamin C,, iron, potassium and beta carotene just to name a few.
Used for both food and medicine for over 4,000 years, Modern research has validating the many folk remedy claims. The tree has shown potential for treating high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, constipation, anemia, kidney problems, ulcers and inflammation.
There are several types of Moringa, we grow Moringa oleifera which is native to North India and Pakistan. It’s a subtropical tree that loves our summer heat here in Lake Mathews, but goes dormant in the winter.
All parts of the tree are used including the seeds, which can also be used to make Moringa oil. Our tea is made from the dried leaves of our Moringa trees.

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